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Bob White
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Background: 5/1/2015
Drug Test: 5/1/2015

Bob White

In Memoriam

Bob White's Bio:

It is with heavy hearts that we at Precision Door bring the devastating news of the passing of our very own beloved Bob White. “Mr. Bob” as he was so affectionately called had been with Precision Door Service for over ten years, and this after his retirement from the Ford Motor Company. He played such a significant role in the day to day workings of our office. Mr. Bob would arrive every morning way before the sun came up to dispatch calls for the technicians, and prepare paperwork for the days jobs. He would then make sure there was a fresh pot of coffee for Lowell when he came in. Mr. Bob was the smiling face that greeted all of us as we came into work for the day, and always went around to those in the office to make sure nothing else was needed before he left. He spent countless hours speaking with customers and vendors alike to ensure that each job was done to the Precision standards. Mr. Bob was the go to person for every question to be asked. If he didn’t know the answer, he would help you research it, until you got the answer that satisfied you both. He was truly a walking overhead door encyclopedia. For those rare occasions where we might get a disgruntled customer on the phone, he had the most charming voice and could smooth out any situations that were to arise. He genuinely thanked customers for calling in and would request that they call us back if we could ever be of service, even if they had just complained to him. Mr. Bob’s passing has left an enormous void here in the Precision Door family and it will be near impossible to replace him. Please remember his family as well as all of us here with thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes now and in the coming days as we mourn such a treasured man. 8/11/1945 - 9/21/2017.